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Track your foods

MyFitnessJournal provides the easiest food tracking features on the web. As soon as you view your food journal you will see a detailed listing of all the foods you have eaten for the day.

All of your foods are organized by meals such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and additional foods.

Track your workouts and daily activities

We made sure that entering your workouts online is just as easy as entering your foods.

You can easily keep track of Cardio, Weight Training, and even Daily Activites from walking the dog to doing the dishes.


MyFitnessJournal supports tracking of all the basic body measurements like weight, body fat, bmi, and even health measurements like blood pressure, glucose and even your own custom measurements.

When you are ready to see how you are progressing you can easily view all of your measurements in easy to read charts and graphs

Nutrition Facts and % RDA

MyFitnessJournal also provides you with the Nutrition Facts for over 8000 foods.

We will be sure to let you know if you are approaching the recommended daily allowance for a variety of nutrients with the % RDA chart

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